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TheAsian Extreme Sports Federation (A.X.F) is the official governing body of Extreme Sports among Asian Countries.

The Federation was formed in 2003, with the vision to advocate and promote the spirit of sportsmanship and form friendship among countries in Asia, under the banner of Extreme Sports. The Federation also serves as a platform to develop, improve and propagate Extreme Sports among Asian countries.

Falling under an unusual category, Extreme Sports has always been deemed as one that involves a high level of danger. The adrenaline rush one gets from participating from an extreme sport far surpasses any other sport today. Yet, this sports category is extremely fun, energetic and a great form of exercise to many who take it up. Certain categories of extreme sports also involve the use of highly specialised gear and stunts.

Some Extreme Sport that are popular in Asia include Skateboarding, BMX, In-line skating and others.

The Federation plays a paramount role in encouraging and facilitating the following:

  1. Maintaining close relationships with member countries in a bid to promote and propagate extreme sports in Asia.
  2. To hold the Asian Extreme Sports Championship series once every two years.
  3. Encourage the affiliation of new member countries.
  4. To recommend the inclusion of Extreme Sports as a competitive category to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) for the OCA-hosted Asian Games.
  5. To conduct any other business that is necessary for the growth and purpose of the Federation.

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